Shaklee News & Events


Mission: Possible Mondays - 9.14.20

Executive Coordinator Tara Bauman joins Roger Hill for this engaging and participatory call, all...


Mission: Possible Mondays - 9.08.20

This week's call inspired and motivated, with a special share from Coordinator Theresa Smith, a...


September Distributor Action Plan

In this month’s Distributor Action Plan, hear more about our must-attend Shaklee Virtual...


Mission: Possible Mondays - 8.03.20

The Countdown to our Virtual Conference begins with some super fun announcements! First, Melina...


Time to Transform Your Life - 7.30.20

For most people, the Prove It Challenge™ is just the start of a healthier life journey with...


New Shaklee Connect™ Mobile App Webinar - 7.15.20

Join Vice President of Digital Products Tracy Hawkins for a walk through of the new Shaklee...


Life Tastes Good! (Square Version)

Hear what folks think of the new improved Shaklee Life Shake! cc English/español


Mission: Possible Mondays - 5.18.20

In this week's Mission: Possible Monday call, we launched a new product - Shaklee Get Clean Hand...


Mission: Possible Mondays - 5.04.20

From Shaklee Vitalizer to the Shaklee Vital Activities! Nancy Baldwin explains how a solid...


The Quest to Stay Healthy | Why Weight Matters

Struggling with your shelter in place snacks? Join Shaklee Director of Product Training, Nancy...


Work from Anywhere | Wellness for All

What if you could create an income by helping others get healthier — with easy-to-use digital...