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Why Shaklee?

What sets Shaklee apart? Hear first hand from these Shaklee Leaders sharing what makes Shaklee...


True Wellness and the Shaklee Opportunity

True wellness is more than just a lifestyle; it is physical health, emotional health, financial...


The Prove It Challenge

Feel amazing in 30 days—guaranteed Accept the #ProveItChallenge and feel healthier, more...


Your Health Journey Starts Now!

A lifetime of good health is something everyone wants. And Shaklee can help make it...


Roger Barnett’s Message | Message de Roger Barnett

Roger Barnett addressing the Canadian Distributors as they successfully close the year of 2021 on...


The Science Behind the Landmark Study

The Landmark Health Study is one of the most extensive studies in the world on the role of...


The Science Behind Vivix®

Evidence continues to grow showing polyphenols may have a tremendous impact on the health of your...


Get Clean de Shaklee

Nettoyez votre maison! Les produits Get CleanMD sont sûrs (pour vous et votre famille), ces...


Get Clean Basic-H2, de Shaklee

Nettoyez toute votre maison, de façon sécuritaire et abordable, avec Get Clean Basic H2 de Shaklee.