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How to Live Younger Longer

Telomere studies by Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, Nobel-winning researcher, suggest that there are...


The Science Behind YOUTH Masks

Learn how Shaklee scientists overcame some of the most common challenges in creating facial masks


Kevin's Prove It Challenge™ Transformation

An inspiring special guest on our 2020 Kickoff Live Broadcast, Kevin kicked off his weight loss...


Mary | No Makeup Needed

A busy mom of four, Mary doesn’t always have time to do her make up. With YOUTH®, she’s no longer...


La ciencia detrás de Shaklee 180

Con Shaklee 180, pierde peso, cambia tu vida y sé feliz para siempre


YOUTH® BB Cream | Shade Match for Darker Skin...

Professional makeup artist Christian selects the perfect shade for Danielle, with discussion...


YOUTH® BB Cream | Customized Shade for Golden...

Professional makeup artist Christian selects the perfect shade for Erika, and provides great tips...


Roger Barnett: Earth Day Greetings

For 60 years, the Shaklee family has believed in living in harmony with nature, Together, we are...


Joint Health Complex

Learn how Joint Health Complex can help you improve joint comfort in as few as five days!


Introducing Collagen-9™

Join Nancy Baldwin, Director of Product Training and Dr. Erin Barret, Director of Product...


Shaklee Holiday Gifting Ideas

Ever struggle with what to get the people in your life for the holidays? Worry no more! We are...


Intro: Weight-Loss Interval Training Protocol

Dr. Wayne Westcott explains the simple interval training protocol at the heart of Quincy...