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Members, learn how to earn and redeem Loyalty Points and get your free birthday gift!


True Wellness and the Shaklee Opportunity

True wellness is more than just a lifestyle; it is physical health, emotional health, financial...


YOUTH® BB Cream | Shade Match for Neutral...

Professional makeup artist Christian selects the perfect shade for Raquel while providing...


How to Live Younger Longer

Telomere studies by Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, Nobel-winning researcher, suggest that there are...


Living Proof: Dale and Elizabeth

Dale is a professional musician, and Elizabeth is an advocacy director and stay-at-home mom. Find...


The Science Behind YOUTH Masks

Learn how Shaklee scientists overcame some of the most common challenges in creating facial masks


Kevin's Prove It Challenge™ Transformation

An inspiring special guest on our 2020 Kickoff Live Broadcast, Kevin kicked off his weight loss...


Shaklee 2022 Global Conference

Shaklee family, it's the first time we'll all be together, live and in person, in three years,...


Mary | No Makeup Needed

A busy mom of four, Mary doesn’t always have time to do her make up. With YOUTH®, she’s no longer...


Matcha Green Tea Shake

Get your greens on with this matcha green tea shake, from Shaklee.


YOUTH® BB Cream | Customized Shade for Golden...

Professional makeup artist Christian selects the perfect shade for Erika, and provides great tips...