The Shaklee Opportunity


Chapter 2: The Shaklee Difference

The basis of Shaklee is our solutions to people's health concerns. Our range and variety of...


Chapter 3: 3 Ways To Participate

You can choose to simply use our products, but you may be compelled to share them with the people...


Chapter 4: Flexible & Rewarding

What are you looking for? More time? More freedom? More rewarding work? Take a look at what...


Chapter 5: By the Numbers

Who we are, where we've been and where we're going: Here are the statistics to back up the idea...


Chapter 6: Community

Not just products, not just a business: Shaklee is a community of people who care and express it...


Chapter 7: The Shaklee Effect

What is the Shaklee Effect? It's a million small steps, taken every day, that change the world,...


Sharing Shaklee: Krystle Gossett

Shaklee Distributor Krystle Gossett (Ohio) talks about why she is so passionate about sharing...


Harper: Why I Share Shaklee

Harper made this video to explain why she shares Shaklee confidently with everyone.


Sharing Shaklee: Anthea Tripp

Shaklee Distributor Anthea Tripp (Texas) recounts how sharing Shaklee enabled her to help a...