Shaklee Live Stream Archive


12.7.16 Shaklee NA Leadership Video Conference

President of Shaklee U.S. and Canada, Heather Chastain reviews our exciting new promotions,...


11.02.16 Shaklee NA Leadership Video Conference

With special guests Roger Barnett, Chairman CEO of Shaklee; and Rio Gold Medalist Katelin...


10.05.16 Shaklee NA Leadership Video Conference

Heather Chastain, Elena Panos and Beatriz Aguirre-Gutai bring us up-to-date on a ton of...


Sept. 7 NA Leadership Video Conference

Healthprint™, Shaklee Cares, Shaklee U, incentive travel and more!


It Starts with You Broadcast

Recording of the August 20th live broadcast. Shaklee President of U.S. and Canada Heather...


Innovations Video Conference

Join VP of Training Elena Panos and a cast of several for an overview of all the innovations...


Shaklee Live 2016 Video Conference

Heather Chastain, Roger Barnett, Kevin Crandall and Clint McKinlay provide a fact- and fun-filled...


June 1 NA Leadership Video Conference

Join Heather Chastain, Elena Panos, Marcie Johnson and Clint McKinlay to hear all about what's...


May 4 NA Leadership Video Conference

Harper Guerra and Natasha and Duke Sparks join Heather Chastain, Kevin Crandall, Clint McKinlay...


April 6 NA Leadership Video Conference

Thanks for watching this archive of the Shaklee Business Leader Video Conference. The live...


March 9: Shaklee Live Announcements

Announcements from Heather Chastain and Clint McKinlay: A couple of out-of-this-world presenters...


Shaklee January Kickoff (1/4/16)

Heather Chastain, Kevin Crandall and Clint McKinlay take us through the promotions and incentives...