Shaklee Live Stream Archive


2017 Global Conference Overview

Join Heather Chastain and her Special Guests for an overview of some of our most compelling...


8-02-17 NA Leadership Video Conference

Join Kevin Crandall, Master Coordinator Barbara Lagoni and Director Francine Roling for a focus...


7-05-17 NA Leadership Video Conference

Heather Chastain offers an enticing overview of some (but not all) of the Breakthrough...


6-07-17 NA Leadership Video Conference

This month - all the June product focus goodness, Global Conference previews coming in July, a...


5-1-17 NA Leadership Video Conference

It's 100 Days to our 2017 Global Conference in August! Get a preview of what you'll experience...


3-29-17 NA Leadership Broadcast

Heather Chastain, Roger Barnett, Kevin Crandall and special guests Executive Coordinator Michelle...


Presidential Master Coordinator Coaching Call

Join Presidential Master Coordinator Charlene Fike and Shaklee Vice President of Sales Kevin...


I Have Decided... To Expand My Reach

Join Heather Chastain for the fourth and last of her inspirational training calls. This one...


3-01-17 NA Leadership Broadcast

What's up for National Nutrition Month? A brand new Health Chat on Healthy Nutrition, an...


I Have Change

Join Shaklee President Heather Chastain with special guests Senior Master Coordinators Steve and...


I Have Decided... Trusting the Voice Inside You

Shaklee President Heather Chastain is joined by Master Coordinators Barb and Ray Madorin. This...


I Have Decided... Starting with My Heart

Leadership Training with Heather Chastain and special guest Master Coordinator Barb Hill Behar.